Waterline Renewal Technologies

The Ohio EPA Helps Fund Bloomdale’s Sewer Upgrades


Bloomdale is served by a wastewater collection system that is prone to the buildup of hydrogen sulfide, which corrodes manholes. The manholes will be lined and new seals installed to eliminate the infiltration and inflow, reducing the overflows which can degrade water quality. Created in 1989, the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) provides below-market interest rate loans for communities to improve their sewer wastewater treatment systems. Northwestern Water and Sewer District is receiving a reduced interest rate on this $100,538 loan, saving the district an estimated $21,000 when compared to a conventional, market-rate loan.  These loans are also provided for home sewage system improvements.  In addition, the Ohio EPA has recently released pertinent information on green initiatives for their Smart Growth and Water strategies.  A $15 million grant was also issued to the City of Lorain for a restoration project for the Great Lakes. Lorain will also use approximately $250,000 of the grant to improve storm water management at the city’s Lakeview Park.  An alternate area of concern is the Black River, as well as Lake Erie.  The new system will reduce bacteria (E coli) in storm water being directly discharged to Lake Erie at Lakeview Beach with the goal of reducing the frequency of bacteria–related beach closures. These projects are all part of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.


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