Waterline Renewal Technologies

Ohio’s Regional Stormwater Management Program


The Northeast Ohio Sewer District is eager to address flooding, pipe erosion and water quality issues after a /Supreme Court ruling last month.  For several years the Agency has been pushing for a victory insomuch as being able to manage fees and operations of the Sewer District.  Justices ruled in favor of the stormwater program stating that wastewater comes in two forms, essentially being stormwater, as well as, any water containing sewage or industrial waste or other pollutants/contaminants derived from prior use of water. The specific ruling states that the District is authorized to create and implement a regional storm water management program, including imposing appropriate charges to operate that program.  Such charges would be for the use or service of a water resource project. The prior court ruling effectively suspended construction projects and maintenance work. Additionally, billing was suspended and collected funds were placed in escrow.  Through the Appeals process within the Ohio Eighth District Court,   the Sewer District will begin to re-address large scale storm water problems on a regional basis.  The projects will be prioritized to best resolve flooding and erosion issues in the state of Ohio.  A specific date for moving forward with remobilization has not been established yet.  Approximately $20 million in fees was collected before the program was suspended.


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