Waterline Renewal Technologies

Ohio’s 2016 Household Sewer Treatment Program


The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has released the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) funding agenda. The WPCLF funding program will offer up to $5 million in principal forgiveness funds to local health districts during 2016 for projects that will repair or replace failing HSTS (Household Sewer Treatment Systems). Ohio EPA will use a strategic process to score and award HSTS principal forgiveness projects.  Each local health district will be eligible for a maximum award of $300,000. Sewer treatment systems include one, and three-family dwellings and small flow on-site systems (facilities that treat up to 1,000 gallons per day). Proper system siting and design, soils evaluation, system owner education, operation inspections and maintenance of systems are vital to help prevent future contamination and public health issues.

Program facts: The Ohio Department of Health is leading the Sewer Treatment Systems program and will provide technical assistance and training to local health districts, industry and the public on all aspects of the treatment systems. The program promotes collaborative efforts with state agencies, academic institutions, watershed groups, and public health organizations to broaden the acknowledgment of sewage treatment system issues. This will include decentralized wastewater infrastructure, water resources and management practices.

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