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Millions of Raw Sewage Makes its Way through Dayton


About 4.7 million gallons of untreated sewage was diverted into the Stillwater River in a 20-hour span after recent tornadoes. County sewer officials had to divert wastewater directly into the Stillwater River after two lift stations lost power.

The entire wastewater system handles an average of 35 million gallons per day. The total number can vary with heavy rain.

Sewage discharges contain bacteria, viruses and other microbes, the Ohio EPA has stated. These organisms can be a public health risk, which led to the advisory to stay out of the local rivers.

The state prohibits sanitary sewer overflows. But in emergency situations, there are times when a discharge is necessary.

Not all are happy with that statement. A local water expert has spoken about the impact that could have on fish and other wildlife, along with increasing bacteria and algae downstream.

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