Waterline Renewal Technologies

Expansion of Water and Sewer Relief Rolls Along


There’s a new bill introduced that could provide relief for many communities throughout the nation dealing with sewer and stormwater management issues.

The legislation – Stop Sewage Overflow Act – expands the EPA’s Stormwater Reuse Municipal Grant program, which is used to provide federal grants to states and municipalities for the planning, design and construction for combined sewer overflow, sanitary sewer overflows and stormwater management.

Combined sewer overflows are a combination of stormwater and sanitary sewer systems. These systems are common in the Northeast and Midwest. If rainfall or melted snow exceeds certain levels, raw sewage can back up and be released into the environment.

It’s highly critical that our nation invests in the cleanup of sewage infrastructure. It can expand access to cleaner water. This proposed bill ensures local municipalities across the country have access to the resources they need to update aging sewer systems.

This specific bipartisan bill will specifically increase the authorization of the Sewer Overflow and Stormwater Reuse Municipal Grant program to $500 million annually, extend the authorization of the program through 2030, prioritize communities that have endured the highest number of sewage overflows and raise the federal cost share based upon a community’s ability to fund improvements.

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