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Erie Interceptor Express Sewer


The city of Springfield will begin the latest sewer project which will likely cost millions to eliminate overflows into local waterways. The city council is set to approve the Erie Interceptor Express Sewer this month. The Express Sewer will mainly transport sanitary flows from the northwestern part of the city, directly to the Wastewater Treatment Plant in order to prevent sewage from bypassing treatment during rain events. Construction is expected to take up to two years with an anticipated completion date of August 2018. The Erie Interceptor Express Sewer will attach to the sanitary sewer located nearby. In order to get the Erie Express sewer aligned properly, an existing sewer built in 1932 will need to be replaced. The complete project could cost up to $240 million over the next 25 years. The upgrades to the sewer system are being paid for through increases to sewer and storm water rates. 

Recently, a clarifier that catches and treats overflows during storms at the wastewater plant was also implemented. The clarifier also has extra storage capacity so that excess storm water will divert to the clarifier. Within the span of a year, the plant has treated water 26 times for a total of 175 million gallons. The water quality has also improved with total suspended solids at approximately 12 milligrams per liter, considerably less than the goal of 30 milligrams per liter. The city has made consistent improvements to its sewer system, exceeding the expectations of local residents.

Interesting fact: The city of Columbus is working with Ohio State to install better drainage and upgrade water runoff systems during storms. A team of experts will begin a special-improvement district, which will begin operating next month, to clean storm sewer grates thereby inhibiting excess water.

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