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Columbus Communities’ Fair-Weathered Friend: The Sewer

The recent surge of rain has created quite an obstacle for many Columbus residents. The heavy rain has contributed to downed tree branches and wires as well as an escalation of power outages. These conditions brought on a slew of vehicle accidents and roadway flooding, particularly near the area of Franklin County. On some of the city’s streets, water was as high as three feet, causing road closures. An overflowing sewer system was also part of the related road closures.  Due to the ongoing rain, the city has installed necessary backup generators at several intersections with traffic lights. Additionally, there will be stop signs installed to control the flow of traffic.

Sewer news:

The city of Conneaut is relying on Columbus to aid in the start of a massive overhaul to the water infrastructure systems. Several communities have been given grants in order to rehabilitate the sewers. The construction process involves storm water sewer improvements at the intersection of Parrish Road and Chamberlain Boulevard, as well as a portion of Chestnut Street. In order to improve the passageways for larger trucks, the plan will also entail widening Parrish Road, and the intersections of Chamberlain and Route 20.

Columbus has also endeavored to bring sewage overflows to a halt, constructing the massive underground tunnel between the Jackson Pike Wastewater Plant and the Arena District. Many additional projects are in the works, but due to the timespan of these projects, the city is also making use of natural solutions using green infrastructure and roof water diversions. A pilot program on behalf of this effort has created 16 front yard rain gardens, of the 400 that will be installed. Other means will also be employed to avoid overflows. Sump pumps and Lateral lining will be utilized for many homes, as lining the laterals with rubber resin will prevent leaks.