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Casting the Future of Pipe Rehabilitation


Casting the Future of Pipe Rehabilitation

When two leaders in a field see an opportunity to combine forces the outcome can become more than the sum of 1 + 1 = 2.  In the case of Pipe Lining Supply and Perma-Liner Industries, we saw the potential of combining technologies that would propel the industry to new heights by integrating each other’s technologies in to a super power. Rather than talk future innovations let’s look at what we can offer right now and why the marriage of these two giants make sense.

The LightRay UV system pioneered by Perma-Liner gave the industry the ability to cast much more efficiently with LED UV lights at low temperatures unlike the competitors options that produce heat and expensive replacement parts when the lights wear out over time. The LED UV lights are relatively inexpensive to produce and replace giving the options for low-cost operational advantage. The piece that Pipe Lining Supply brings to this mix is the Quik Shot continuous feed small inversion device. With slight modification the small Quik Shot provides taking UV into basements, attics, and roofs with minimum concern over trying to navigate the larger tank type equipment into tight spaces to install UV liner. This opens new opportunities to customers to be able to operate from anywhere with the UV process.

If you are a current Perma-Liner or Pipe Lining Supply installer in the greater Columbus area, we welcome you to look at our full lineup of LightRay inversion products that cast in 10 minutes time. Get ahead of the game and call us today!